Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Southern Trenchless Solutions LLC. Our unique spray applied custom shotcrete system creates a monolithic/ jointless casting of the existing structure. This process not only restores but enhances the structural integrity, seals out leaks, and can outperform the original structures service life by as much as double. The Manhole Mortar product designed for this application reaches compressive strengths of 9,000psi-12,000psi which is 300% stronger than required by TCEQ (Texas Commission of Environmental Quality) and Dot (Department of Transportation). Aside from its ultra high strength the Manhole Mortar possess sulfate resistance from harsh gases such as H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) which is the leading cause of early deterioration and failure in these underground sanitary sewer structures today.

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High strength cementitious cast in place liners have been the most cost effective and successful through the United States for more than 20 plus years. Major Federal EPA projects such as The Greater Houston Area Waste Water Project and The Greater New Orleans Waste Water Project have adopted this technology and process over all others because of volume and budget requirements. After evaluating all other options this is the best bang for the buckand extends the service life for another life cycle while remaining in service the entire time.        

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Safety is a very vital element to this entire process and we take it very seriously. We have adopted the OSHA 1910.146 Confined Space Permit Required Standard as our bible to safe entry and exit in & out of these structures daily. As a responsible employer in this type of work we have developed a full in-house training program that follows ALL the requirements of the OSHA Standard. We have a dedicated training coordinator and certified training instructor who trains all new and old employees to follow these procedures to the “T”. We want to create a productive and safe environment that our workers can return to everyday.

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Sewer structures that exhibit extremely high chemical and gas attacks may require an additional 100% solids epoxy top coating to protect the exposed cementitious underlayment in a composite system. This dual system brings the best of both worlds together to enhance structural integrity as well as provide an additional layer of ultra high strength protective barrier. This system is mainly used in lift stations, waste water treatment plants, receiving force main manholes, and/or any structure with extreme environments with pH levels below 2.

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Southern Trenchless Solutions LLC. has raised the bar for certified applicators performing this type of specialty work for Municipalities.
The majority of all failures in manhole rehab are due to applicator error or simply cutting corners from lack of proper training.

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Our Mission is to provide cost effective sanitary sewer rehabilitation solutions for aging infrastructure while being safe, productive, and delivering the highest level of craftsmanship for a long lasting product to our clients.


Training Course Overview

The trainee will be shown how to operate, maintain, apply repair coatings, and repair sewer structures such as manholes, lift stations, and other various sewer structures.

Training shall include 40 hours of the following:

  1. How to prepare and clean the surface prior to applying coatings
  2. Identifying needed repairs and how to fix them
  3. How to operate equipment: Mortar mixer, mortar pump, spray nozzle
  4. How to maintain all equipment
  5. How to property mix materials to correct design
  6. Confined space and Safety training course is offer in addition if the applicator does not already have a certification.

Applicator training can be done by actual hands on field training provide that proper insurance requirements are met, field observation, and/or at any facility we can demonstrate all the field functions. Applicator will be given all equipment technical manuals and maintenance procedures. Applicator will be given a full parts list with cost for replacement. Applicator will also be given a certificate of completion once they have completed the 40 hour course and are able to demonstrate the ability reproduce the correct procedures in a successful application of these products. For more information please contact Eric Dupre’ Training and technical Coordinator.

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